Results from Second Fall Sevens Tournament at Stanford

Well done to all who participated at the weekend and thank you to the Montana Grizzlies for making the long journey.

Stanford 7-9 (30) Cal 2-2 (8)
Montana 6-11 (29) 3-5 Stanford (14)
Cal 0-0 Montana 5-9 (24)

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Video From Recent Fall Sevens at Stanford

Video from the recent fall sevens hurling tournament at Stanford on October 19th.

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Cal and Stanford Get Underway

The California Collegiate GAA opened its season on Sunday with a the traditional informal sevens tournament at Stanford.  Cal and Stanford were both well able to field teams, and they were joined by the local San Francisco club Naomh Padraig and some members of the local Silicon Valley St Joseph’s club.

Five games were played throughout the day in glorious conditions on the pristine surface of one of the intra-mural fields.  Cal played against Stanford three times, and two games consisted of Naomh Padraig being taken on by the college all-stars, augmented by a few St Joseph’s players.

Stanford had the upper hand in the collegiate games but Cal made steady progress as the day wore on, improving their results as the rookies gradually got the hang of the game.  In the club-versus-college games, the combined efforts of Cal and Stanford were enough to present a respectable challenge to Naomh Padraig.

“Mixing college and club players in the same game is a great way to raise the standard,” said Eamonn Gormley, CCGAA Chairman. “There is a risk that games can be one-sided, but it does no harm to expose at least the more seasoned collegiate players to hurling at a higher level. They can see at first hand what they can aspire to and it gives them an idea of how much work they will need to put in if they are to be a credible force at national level.”

There were no cups or medals for the games, the purpose of this event has always been to give newcomers a bit of playing experience.

Two more tournaments are scheduled for fall, with the collegiate championship beginning in spring.


Game 1 – Stanford 3-9 (18) Cal 0-3 (3)

Game 2 – Naomh Padraig 2-12 (18) Colleges 3-8 (17)

Game 3 – Stanford 3-8 (17) Cal 2-4 (10)

Game 4 – Naomh Padraig 6-11 (29) Colleges 3-10 (19)

Game 5 – Stanford 5-7 (22) Cal 3-6 (15)

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CCGAA Fall Sevens Season Opener

The CCGAA’s annual Fall Sevens season opener will be on Sunday October 19th at the intramural fields on El Camino Real opposite Churchill.


10:00am Set up field
11:00 Cal v Stanford
11:30 Naomh Padraig v Cal B
12:00 Cal v Stanford
12:30 Naomh Padraig v Na Fianna
1:00 Cal v Stanford
1:30 Na Fianna v Cal B
2:00 mix & match
2:30 Club final

Be there!

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Davis on the Receiving End

UC Davis began their 2014 season with a difficult opener against Cal at Treasure Island on March 9th.  Cal overcame Davis without too much difficulty and will now have time to regroup before their next game at Davis on April 13th.  Davis will travel to Stanford for their next game on April 6th.

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Stanford Open Strong

Stanford hit the ground running in this year’s CCGAA Northern California Hurling Championship with a comprehensive win over Cal on February 23rd, winning by 2-17 (23) to 0-5 (5).  Cal now face an uphill task to get this cup off their cross-bay rivals.

Referee Fergal Mullaly throws the ball in to begin the 2014 California college hurling season.

Referee Fergal Mullaly throws the ball in to begin the 2014 California college hurling season.

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2014 Schedule

Sunday February 23, 1:00pm – Stanford v Cal @ Stanford
Sunday March 9, 1:00pm – Davis v Cal @ Treasure Island
Sunday April 6, 1:00pm – Stanford v Davis @ Stanford
Sunday April 13, 1:00pm – Cal v Davis @ Davis
Sunday April 27, 1:00pm – Stanford v Cal @ Treasure Island
Sunday May 11, 1:00pm – Stanford v Davis @ Davis

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Nationals Schedule

Nationals is this weekend in Indiana!

Schedule for this weekend’s national championship at Purdue (subject to change) is as follows.

Format: Round robin, top two go to final. Any ties settled by scoring difference.

10:00am – Indiana v Purdue
12:00pm – Indiana v Cal
2:00pm – Cal v Purdue
5:00 – Final (if Cal are in the final)

2:30pm – Final (if Cal are not in the final)
5:00pm – NCGAA Annual General Meeting

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Stanford vs. Cal Summary

More exciting college hurling over the weekend!

Stanford and Cal squared off at Treasure Island for the first of their two matches this CCGAA season. The weather was beautiful, but of course the high-quality hurling was even finer on the eyes. Stanford was reeling from the unexpected loss of two of its members before the match, leaving it down a man and at a significant disadvantage. Fortunately, Dariusz Wodziak was ready to fill in as the 9 v 9 game commenced. Cal was also missing two of its most experienced players due to injury.

The early minutes of the first half proved cagey and low-scoring. Stanford missed several mid-range point opportunities, while Cal was unable to convert on a series of frees and 65′s. Both sides played very physically, and with about a quarter gone the score remained a hotly contested Stanford 0-2 | 0-1 Cal. But late in the second half Stanford added two goals and several points to take a halftime lead of Stanford 2-4 | 0-3 Cal.

The second half proved much higher scoring. Cal substituted regularly to remain fresh, but were unable to break past the stalwart Stanford defense and goalkeeping until late in the second half. The Stanford team- without any subs available- began to get winded, but was able to slow the tempo of play thanks to the lead established in the first half. Stanford’s experience also shone through. Solid defensive work from Sean Troxel and Gearoid O’Brien provided the basis for strong scoring plays from Colin Roach and Chris Herries further forward. In the end, Stanford came out with a fine win, final score : Stanford 5-12 | 1-4 Cal.

We are all looking forward to seeing the next round of action- May 4th, back at Treasure Island again.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Cal and Stanford team pages.

Be sure to check back for video highlights in a few days!


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Cal V Davis Match Summary

Hey everyone, lots to catch up on (and sorry for the time between posts!)

Cal and Davis squared off over the weekend in the second of their two regular-season matches. Cal came away with a solid victory back in March, and Davis was eager to avenge that early loss.

Davis came out determined in the first half, with fine playing and points from Mitch Hennessy. However the steadfast goalkeeping of Cal’s Richie Fowler limited Davis to points, with the score Davis 0-10 : 2:3 Cal at halftime. But Cal’s depth really showed in the second half. They were able to gain the lead and hold out until the end, with a convincing final score of Davis 2-14 : 6-8 Cal.

Remember to check in for upcoming video highlights, and in the meantime check out the teams’ facebook pages!
Davis Team Page
Cal Team Page

Thanks for reading! See you at the next game, Stanford V Cal at Treasure Island, April 20th!

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